Monday, August 11

Oncology Checkup

Today was interesting. I planned to spend almost the whole day dealing with issues related to setting up the new wireless bridge at work. That however didn't pan out like I had planned. After unhooking the old system and then running back and fourth twice between the buildings to switch over to the new system everything... well, worked! I had planned HOURS of post work, but in 30 minutes all issues had been fixed. That freed up my day... kind of. I was kept plenty busy with misc things here and there.

This afternoon I had my August oncology "followup" meeting. (I guess it would be the 6 month checkup.) He looked at the CT scan and my blood work and said that he can't see anything on the CT scan and looking at my blood work he said that it could take years for my blood work to get back to "normal" as what they did to me was "pretty extreme".

Next appointment with the doc is at the end of January! So praise the Lord for His blessings and faithfulness through healing. Thank you all for your prayers so much!


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  1. Wow, that is great. We pray for you and your family. Thank you for your blog and allowing "strangers" (yet brothers and sisters in our Lord) to be a part of your life.



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