Wednesday, September 10

Upcoming... Colorado

This upcoming weekend Lisa and I are heading south-east in our pursuit of trying to follow what it is that God has in store for us. Moving 5 states away and pulling up roots isn't easy, but part of what our trip down there this weekend is to investigate is if the situation matches the data we have. We have a lot of "knowledge" about the area, and what I'd be doing, but we don't have much knowledge about the people or what kind of experience we'd have there. So effectively we are going to be "interviewing" Colorado Springs this weekend to see what it's like.

The fact that we have made it this far without any red-flags or warnings that stick in our heads has been pretty cool, but sometimes it's not really about the "end result". Sometimes the attempted journey opens up doors to something else that hadn't been considered before. (I learned that last night from the "board meeting" I was tech supporting/ listening into last night. (From my father-in-law no less...))

That said, we're going to journey down this path and see what happens. Will we be disappointed if it doesn't work out? I don't know, it's a possibility. How will we feel if this is what God wants us to do and we are called to move away from everyone? I also don't know. There are lots of possibilities on both sides of it. There is also always the possibility of a "3rd option" that Lisa and I haven't even seen yet as well.

A week from today we will have some sort of answer. Yes? No? ...

We'd appreciate the prayers! (And Happy Birthday Lisa!)



  1. Don't forget to look for good teriyaki places. You don't want to move there if they don't have good teriyaki!!!

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    True... I can search for those now with Yelp though... But I will make sure to sample at least one while I am down there...


  3. Oh you will have so much fun. I love Colorado Springs. My dear friends live there, so if you do move, I'll put you in contact with them. :)

    Also. You have to tell me - are you going to Garden of the Gods? and Seven Falls? Those are classic C.S. places to check out. :)


    Happy birthday Lisa!


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