Thursday, October 30

Never Forget

Today the IT department and the finance department took an extended lunch to meet and hang out a bit with the new VP of "Global Missions" here at OC. They just spent the last 20 or so years in Africa and have returned. They served us some traditionally Africa dishes for lunch. How was it? Well, I'm full. I didn't have to stop by Wendy's on the way back from work or anything.

While we were there the VP's wife quoted something, and I think she was quoting it about leaving friends behind in Africa, but she said;
"We will never forget, but someday it won't hurt to remember."

I was pretty impressed by that quote. It's how I want to feel about cancer. Someday, I don't want it to hurt to remember it.

Tonight Lisa and I are going to go out and have a bit of a "date night" before I don't see her for 2 weeks. We'll see what kind's of interesting food and evening entertainment we can find tonight!



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