Wednesday, October 29


Few people realize this but... well, I have a problem. Some of you know that I can be slightly "obsessive compulsive" about some things (like, for instance, stacking things. (Fruit in the grocery store, or books aligned in a bookstore)) so it probably shouldn't come as any kind of huge shock that I really enjoy the game Tetris.

I envision something like this happening in my life some day:
I come home and there are a lot of people sitting in the living room. There's Lisa, looking slightly worried, mom and dad, and a few friends. "Hey, what's up? Is this a surprise party?" I'll ask.
Lisa will look at me seriously and say, "No Ben, we're here..." a slight pause, "we're here because we love you."
I'll get that feeling like the floor has just dropped out from under me and I'll stagger backwards into an open chair. "What... what is this about?"
Lisa will glance at the gathered friends and family and start to say, "Well... its.. well..." Dan will stand up then and walk over to where I am sitting, crouch down and put his hand on my shoulder and say, "Ben, it's about Tetris."
"Tetris!" I'll laugh. "I just do that to relax, it's a fun, harmless game!"
Lisa will at this point start crying in her mother's shoulder. Dan will shake his head and say, "No, no it's not Ben. Let me see your phone."
He'll hold his hand out and I'll hand over my phone. "I'm deleting Tetris."
"What, ok, well fine."
"We've already removed all the other copies in the house. On the Xbox, the Nintendo DS, the toaster and even destroyed the Tetris board game you've got."
"What? No... what will I do while I'm waiting for toast?!"
"Ben, you have a problem. It's called Tetris."
"Maybe... maybe you're right. But I can stop at any point!"
"Uh-huh... where were you just now?"
"I was... uhhh, out with some friends."
"Your friends are here. What were you out doing?"
"Fine, I was out LARPING Tetris."

Ok, so maybe it won't get to that stage. I mean it's not like I'm playing World of Warcraft or anything. I was just thinking it would be funny to have a Tetris intervention.

This was all brought on, mentally, by the annoucement that EA has released a version of Tetris for the G1.

If you're up for a friendly game of Tetris join me on Facebook. The application is called, "Tetris Friends" and it's pretty cool.

More details, less fiction, on real life a bit later.



  1. Lisa, don't forget to pick us up at the airport for that visit we're having when you get back from China... I think Dan said he'd time his flight about the same time as ours so that you only have to make one trip to the airport...

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Of course there is always building Tetris.

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Is there a subliminal message in your choosing to work at "OC"?


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