Wednesday, October 22

Snow or We are not equipped for this report for zip code 80918: "Temp: 26, feels like 12" Oh boy. You know we really aren't equipped to handle weather of this level. Our stuff (clothes) is supposed to arrive on Friday. Of course we originally packed before they told us when they were going to come and so now we're stuck with a bunch of t-shirts and jeans. (Which was perfect for our trip down...)

But yeah, it snowed last night. Probably only an inch or two but with all the wind it's all over the place.

Our apartment is like Swiss cheese wrapped in a paper-towel when it comes to insulation. The wind blows outside and the blinds in here (behind the "closed" sliding glass door) billow in and out. The heating grates (where the heat comes out) are on top of the ceiling. (We have 9 foot ceilings) It's really great if you're about 5 feet off the ground heat wise... Oh well. This is the place we have for the time being. It's cold, and it'll probably get colder, but hopefully we'll have our clothes by Friday. Until then we'll crank up the heat and try not to go outside.

Interesting fact about this place: You can't have the heater turned on and take a shower at the same time. (At least, not if you want hot water...) This strange fact was pointed out to us when I took a shower yesterday and I couldn't get anything more than luke warm water, however I could scald myself in the sink. Lisa called the management and they were like, "Oh yeah, the heater and the shower can't do heat at the same time." I just had to laugh.

I appreciate the prayers from everyone as we are in the process of moving. Lisa and I are off to get licensed this morning. Please continue to pray for our health, both physically and mentally. We both had a hard time sleeping last night and being down here just now, for some reason, thoughts of cancer keep pounding at the back of my mind, and honestly I don't want to be afraid of something I have almost no control over. Thanks!



  1. Oh boy. What a "warm" welcome to Colorado, eh? Good luck with the DMV etc.

    I send an email to my friends who live in Colorado Springs. I don't know how helpful I can be without being awkward. :) Let me know if you want their contact info. I gave them a link to your blog.

  2. So you've been naked this whole time? :)

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    No comment. (Which in in itself is a comment... hmmm)



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