Saturday, November 22

Pikes Perk

Lisa and I went out and ran some errands this morning and now we are hanging out a little indy coffee place here in the 'springs called, "Pikes Perk". As I don't drink the caffeinated drinks I can't really say how their coffee is, but the choices are impressive. I'm with my old "standby" drink right now: The Grande Iced Soy Chai. (GISC as I have never called them before...)

We brought the laptops and Lisa has been (I can't confirm it as I can't see her screen) writing her China write-up/ blog entry. We'll see how that goes. Might have to break it into multiple parts. I have been looking at local real-estate and trying to find an interesting house that wasn't made in the middle of the century. (1960's - 1980's) As houses from that era all kind of look the same and are fairly unimpressive. Of course there are the Victorian homes in old Colorado as well, but you have 2 choices there: Run down to the point that all you're really paying for is the ground it's on and would need a substantial overhaul (made in the late 1890's) or the types where someone has already overhauled the house and it is now 1. cute and 2. modern. These of course run into the "semi-expensive" range but are also AMAZINGLY cool. Which, sadly enough, is what Lisa and I happen to like and find interesting. (History, interesting design, and modern living... makes for a great combo.)

We'll see what we can afford when Lisa gets a job. We'll also see what God provides for us, because God's provision includes several things: 1. Knowledge of what is best for us right now and 2. Knowledge about what is best for us later. Plus we want to use the house to glorify Him and to house guests and visiting missionaries as needed. If you could join us in praying that God will bring the right house along that would be great!

Church hunting continues... we need prayer in this area as well as we seek to find a "church home" here in Colorado.

Thanks! Oh! Lisa and I are starting to plan out our time when we are back up in WA. We'll be contacting people probably after Thanksgiving about get-togethers, but if you want to see us/ hang out with us, and you are worried we might forget you please drop me/us an email.

PSA: There will be no Tween party this year as the 'Tween is the day we leave to go back to CO. But don't let this stop you from throwing your OWN 'Tween party!



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