Thursday, November 20

We have returned

Lisa and I are working on settling into Colorado Springs as "home". So far Lisa has spent almost as much time in China as she has spent in Colorado.

I know we just got home but we have plans next week to go visit Santa Fe for Thanksgiving. What will we be doing on "black Friday"? Why we'll be sleeping in in a rather nice hotel.

The bird baby-sitter worked well. Niko was dubbed "the perfect bird to baby-sit." He was also making the other birds there jealous because they were spending more time with him because he's so "nice". I think we will continue to use them for our bird-sitting purposes. It's emotionally cheaper than 1. bringing him along, 2. leaving him at home by himself, or 3. finding a co-worker who knows nothing about birds.

Lisa will be putting together a little something from her trip which will be posed here later this week. (If you are on Facebook she's already uploaded about 180 pictures you can look through)

Work is mostly still fun and exciting. There is lots of potential here to make things work better than they currently do.

We had a little bit of snow/sleet today. Nothing too much, just cold. (Which was a happy change from the 80+ degree weather of LA.)

Thanks for the continued support. I'll compile some thoughts later this week and see if I can't make a posting that isn't so fragmented.



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