Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving report

I've had several Facebook questions about what we are doing in Santa Fe this weekend, and all I can figure out is that they probably don't read my blog. Anyway, thus far Santa Fe has been kind to us... the amount of jewlery stores here though is staggering. It seems like anyone with a hint of talent for working with silver will end up here at some point. I like silver, but I'm not a big fan of rocks attatched to it.

Last night Lisa and I had one of the finest dinners we have ever had together. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Compound. Not a great name, but the dinner was fantastic. (And it knocked the melting pot out of 1st place for the most expensive dinner we've consumed. Worth it though...)

Lisa and I never got to celebrate our aniversary this year (hospital...) so we rolled anniversary and thanksgiving into one.

We're about to go see more of the town now. Please forgive spelling mistakes for now... this was ll written from my g1.

More later!



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