Saturday, November 29

A week of Thanks [Day 6]

Today I am thanking God for Food. Granted that might seem like a semi-silly thing to be thankful for after all the other things I have been thankful for this week, but I learned while I was in the hospital that I get a lot of enjoyment from food. God has blessed us all with wonderful varieties of food and the creativity in which we can combine them! And hey, even if we choose to eat nothing but ________ and we get enjoyment out of it, then we can be thankful to God for providing us with ___________!

Food is great on many levels: Not only is it used to nourish our bodies, but it can also be used to nourish other people's souls. When we prepare a meal and bring it to someone who is sick (we were blessed by this) or when we prepare a special meal and have friends/family/neighbors over for dinner we are telling them that we care. (Excuse potential sappiness here) Food is a tool that God has given us to reach out to people. When you say to someone, "Hey wanna go grab lunch/ dinner" people don't often say, "No, I really don't eat." It's something EVERYONE in the world shares in common, and it's one of the few things that everyone in the world can actually enjoy together!

I am thankful for God giving us the creativity to not only nourish ourselves but to connect with other people as we do so. So, friends, Lisa and I look forward to cooking for you!



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