Monday, November 24

A week of Thanks [Day 1]

I figured as this is the week of Thanksgiving that I would take the time and spend a little bit of each day recording something I am thankful for. Before I do that however I wanted to share a bit of what was spoken about in chapel this morning at OC:

The first part of Luke chapter 17 tells the story of Jesus healing ten lepers. The ten men were healed and only one of them came back to thank Jesus for his healing. That man also happened to be a Samaritan. (The other nine were Jewish) The guy sharing with us asked if maybe the other nine lepers, who were Jewish, had felt some kind of "entitlement" to their healing, while the Samaritan hadn't, which is what made him thankful enough to come back and thank Jesus. He was tying it all together with us today by saying that sometimes it seems natural for us as Christians to ask God for things and then when they happen feel like we are entitled to them because we are God's children, and we don't end up thanking Him enough/ at all when we are in this situation. It really made me think about myself and my inner motivations.

To bring it home to me: Do I feel a sense of entitlement to healing because I try to serve God and do what he asks? Or on the other side, now that I am doing better do I properly thank God, and praise Him for the mercies He has shown me?

Overall I am not worthy of any sort of gift from God. The fact that I got anything other than death is a miracle and probably something that I cannot even comprehend.

To start off this week, I am thankful in a very big way for everything I am going to list this week. They are all the blessings of God and there is no way that I could pay for them, repay them, or trade them in for something better. God knows me, and He knows what I need in my life. I am thankful He has chosen me to be a child of His and I eagerly await the future to see what He has in store for me.



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