Thursday, November 27

A week of Thanks [Day 4]

Today I am thankful for friends. My list is quite long of the people I call friends, and who call me friend.

My friends have been there for all sorts of adventures in my life. (From the exciting to the not so exciting ones) In my pyramid of support friends would come right after parents.

Sometimes you have to step away from something before you can truely see what the thing you had was/ is. Our moving to Colorado, after the dust settled, has really given me a much better idea of the role that friends play in my life. (When you go from a bunch to nothing, it makes what you had seem that much clearer.)

Lisa and I are striving to find new friends here in COS but it's not as easy when you jump into a place fresh and new. We trust God has people for us here, we just need to find them. (And / or, be open to God leading them to us)

So all my friends, all over the world (you know who you are) thank you for being my friend! Weather young or old, new friend, or long time friend, thank you! I look forward to seeing many of you around Christmas time, but if not, please drop me a line and tell me how you're doing!

Thank you God for the many wonderful friends you have placed in our lives! They enrich me and make me a better person to be sure!



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