Wednesday, November 26


Lisa and I are headed to Santa Fe for Thanksgiving. It will be the first time either of us haven't spent Thanksgiving with our families. It's part of the whole "moving away" experience.

Anyway, something you might not know about my beautiful wife is that when she gets excited she can get rather... ADD. Take tonight for example:

Ben is washing dishes.
Lisa: "I'm going to go pack now!"
Ben: "Sounds good."
45 seconds later
Lisa walks past pushing the vacuum cleaner and starts running it.
Ben: "What are you doing?"
Lisa: (Like it's the most natural thing in the world) "Vacuuming."
Ben: "What happened to packing?"
Lisa: "I felt like vacuuming."

We are both excited about our trip tomorrow and hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! (Remember to be thankful! (I'm thankful the bird is at the baby-sitter...))



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