Friday, December 12

Last Names

Have you realized that rarely anymore do last names actually MEAN anything? I mean sure you'll find a doctor with the last name Pain, or a seismologist with the last name Quakes, but how many people do you know with the last name, say Jones, who actually JONESES!? The last name is supposed to say something about who you are. A place you live, a job you have, whose son you are, or one life changing event that everyone knows you by. Case in point: my last name, Morrell, means "Dark and/or swarthy." If you have read this blog much at all I assume you've seen me, and "Dark" doesn't even come close to my shade, and swarthy, un-uh.

I propose that we open up the "last name pool" for those people who would like to go swimming in the areas that haven't had a chance yet to BE last names. I suggest the following:
  • The ability to add "i" or "e" in front of your last name. Instead of the Mc/Mac (Oh, you're Irish/Scottish!) it would be like i/e. (Oh, you're a geek/nerd!)

  • Jedi

  • Treker/Treki

  • Open up the computer and point to a part

You get the idea. Of course, those ideas are more for what might interest me... My more science related pals might end up with last names like a name like Thallium or Ununoctium.

What about you? What would your modern last name be?



  1. I think Joel's would be Non-Shaver instead of Shaver.
    Mine would be... Food. or Pie. Mmmm. or even Waffle. or Kittens. This is fun!!

  2. I think mine would be Daniel "Stare" Because most of what I have done in life is stare at a computer screen. That would mean I know many people who do the same and they would be like family, or at least kinsmen.


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