Thursday, December 25

The Late Great 2008

In light of us sending out Christmas letters that recap the year Lisa decided to sit down and compose this bit of poetry to sum up the past year and wish you all a Merry Christmas. So, Merry Christmas from the Morrells and we hope this next year will draw you and your family closer together.

The Late Great 2008

When our year had begun,
Ben required treatments of radiation
His recovery from surgery partially complete,
He rested a lot and stayed off his feet

February crawled dark and tired
We were exhausted and sleep we admired
But my work continued apace,
My first major building was not a disgrace

Our drive south to California state,
That was a pleasure at any rate
Visiting grandparents, friends, uncles, aunts, cousins
Until the shingles appeared, on Ben, by the dozens

April's stanza was difficult to compose
How to organize chaos in rows?
If you give me the "okay"
I'll just skip to May

May sped by with numerous social events
Including a concert and four birthday parties with presents
Horse races, dinners with friends, a wedding (sans bouquet)
Even two barbecues on Memorial Day

"Ben's Cancer-Free Party!"
Began June hale and hearty
We joined high school church staff
To give back on our past's behalf

Ben was at a family reunion in July
Then to Washington Peninsula did he fly
Only to travel next to Oregon's ocean
"A Morrell Family Vacation" was the notion

Not much happened in August of remark
Though the Batman costume party was a lark
But slowly, rising, began the debate
Of possibly moving to a different state

In September to Colorado we flew
To look at starting something new
We went to the offices of OCI
Scheduled an interview by and by

The dentist took Ben's wisdom teeth back
And quickly we did pack
Moving! We drove all the way to Pike's Peak
And slept on air mattresses for a week

In China I drew buildings for visionaries
While Ben fixed computers of missionaries
Together Los Angeles and Disneyland too
Thanksgiving spent in Mexico (New)

Now, December, OCI workers become friends
I pursue employment of architectural ends
For Christmas to Washington we tried return
"What next?" You ask. We'll soon learn!

Merry Christmas!
~B. and -L


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