Thursday, January 29

Fasting, Part II

It's the end of the third day of my version of the fast, and I've broken it already. Sure the food was balanced nutritionally and I ate a fair amount, but I just didn't consume enough calories to keep from losing weight and getting a headache yesterday that lasted until I had a bit of orange chicken as part of my lunch. Then I helped Ben make "leek pie" for dinner, which filled my tummy with its yummy richness. Now I'm feeling back to normal and plan to finish up the fast tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I went to the "World Prayer Center" (, sat in an armchair and prayed in my journal. So far a number of my prayer requests have already been answered (!) and I've some time to reflect on God's wonders as well.

1. I've been praying for patience and direction in seeking a job. Should I temp? What about expanding my search to neighboring cities or non-architectural jobs?

The first breakthrough was actually last week. That was when I received the phone call with a request... to babysit a toddler. That was an experience :) Next, Ben and I were asked to house/pet sit for two weeks in February for some OC folks. Niko hopefully won't mind living with two dogs and two cats for awhile! At least he'll get his own room.

Then, I got an email yesterday from a good friend of Rex, the EMI staffer who led my trip in November. This friend happened to be the principal of a local architecture firm who needs some extra help! Rex recommended me to him :) Yay Rex! Like the other companies I've interviewed with so far the principal is reluctant to hire in this economy, but he was offering contract work with the later potential for a job! I went in today to interview, with very positive results on both sides. Sounds like I'll be signing a contract tomorrow and beginning by making a brochure for a new housing development! Here's the company's website:

So that's a HUGE burden off my shoulders. Also, this definitely seems like a firm I could grow and learn in, as well as contribute to immediately. Praise God!!

2. Where to volunteer. Less of a quandry, but I couldn't decide whether to go with the local hospital or the Ronald McDonald house. After doing some emailing with the volunteer coordinators, I suspected that I'd be able to give a lot more personal contact in the Ronald McDonald house ( The Ronald McDonald house takes in families of children who are going through treatments at the regional hospital for an extended time and can't afford to stay in hotels for days on end. Since I can completely sympathize with families of hospital patients and love the idea of the House I'm really excited about helping out there.

3. Where to live. Ben's already blogged about this, but we've found a wonderful townhouse. The inspection is tomorrow!

4. Some things I was praying about for other people, one of which is completely resolved with a happy ending :)

What am I still praying about?

--Fundraising for Ben's job

--Ben's health. We've got a recommendation for an oncologist, who we'll set up an appointment with as soon as Ben's insurance switches over

--Our "Life Group" at Pulpit Rock. It starts in a week and a half and we'll be discussions leaders for the next 8 weeks after that!

--A couple of other decisions that friends are making, and a friend of a friend who has lung cancer


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