Tuesday, March 31

Days 4 and 5: temp

I chased the free coffee trail and got a lovely cuppa and a not free but quite tasty piece of coffeecake at Einstein Brothers Bagels on Monday morning. At 10am (4pm Paris time!) Ben called me to say that we indeed have the same favorite statue at the Louvre. He is surviving the long hours and hyper junior highers.

Weather recap: snow storm on Thursday/Friday, sunny/70 degrees on Sunday, snow again today. But after work I still made it to the Ronald McDonald house where I volunteer now. More cleaning there, including using a wonderfully powerful and ginormous vacuum cleaner. That vacuum could eat my vacuum for lunch. Vacuuming the stairs was like wrestling with a sleeping manatee!

Usually I'm supervised by the night manager but she had switched with the weekend manager for this shift. The weekend manager, it turns out, is a nursing student about to graduate in May, but she says the local nursing positions won't open up until the fall and is looking for temporary work. The night manager runs her own house cleaning business. As we all ate dinner together, I said "Ashlee (aka weekend manager), why don't you work for Debbi (aka night manager)? They both got very excited and agreed that it was a great idea. It was fun to be an employment agency. :)

Today I accomplished the feat of finishing a stage of a project just as it was time to leave work. Somehow, that makes it wonder if I was pacing myself through the workday without knowing it. Last night I had caught up on grooming (removal of body oils, dead skin and hair) so tonight I focused on having three phone conversations while making scones and unpacking.

Realized today that my theological beliefs are Calvinistic, as is much my spiritual life but in my interactions with the world and other relationships I tend towards the Armenian. In other words, I believe that God chose me and draws me closer to Him through His will. However, I impose my will very strongly and persistantly on the day-to-day responsibilities of my life. The upside? I'm hard-working and reliable. The downside? I have a guilt-complex and oh yeah, I don't rely on God to take care of me and provide me the time and resources for the things I really need to get done. As for my Spiritual life, I'm less hard-working and reliable because I have realized I'm not in control. I know this isn't the proper response, so I continue to ruminate and pray...

Recent random dinners: grapefruit, tomatos, chicken, bread (tonight), soup, pickles, strawberries, tortilla chips (Sunday).


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