Wednesday, April 1

Day 6: women

When I brought baked goods on occasion into my previous office, which was mostly full of men, they were eaten and appreciated.

Today I brought scones to my current office. Now, there are a fair amount of men who work for LGA Studios but they mostly work from home. On an average day there are 5 women working from the office and 1.5 men (Larry's in and out:). So anyway, in addition to eating and appreciating the scones everyone wanted to know what the ingredients were. Then they talked about recipes they enjoyed making. Then they reflected on how they should bake for the office too. Finally the woman who sits next to me suggested we alternate bringing in these snacks each week. Sounds good to me! :) I really couldn't see that happening with my previous office...

Sadly, I heard that my previous office went out of business last month :( I wonder what they're all doing now.

I was going to go to a movie at the dollar theater tonight, but it's been stormy: snowy and windy, so I decided to stay home. I made this recipe with more sauce to put on baked zucchini, talked to the parrot, unpacked a box, prayed along the lines I've been thinking and got at least a couple answers through the Bible, and did a crossword puzzle which will enter me in a drawing for free books by one of my favorite authors. Before I go to sleep I'll make up an invoice for the past couple weeks. My contractorship has fallen into me simply billing for my time twice a month, which is more simple than the system we had going before.


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