Friday, April 3

day 7: more women

The day started with a visit to the eye doctor who was part salesman. First, he "highly recommended" a picture of the inside of my eye which was apparently much better than getting dilated for being able to see inside the eye. Then, I was told about a deal on a new kind of contact lenses which increased moisture in the eye - and it was just too good to turn down :)

We had a "lunch and learn" at work which is pretty cool. Yay! My company gets a sales rep to come in every week or two and teach us about their product. Sometimes they'll bring pizza or sandwiches too. This time we learned about ICFs (insulated concrete forms) and I wanted to make something out of them right then and there.

My church has a "ladies night out" every month and this time we played games in one of the lady's basements. It was so loud and I was tired, but it felt refreshing to get out and socialize after more time alone than usual.


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