Friday, April 3

day 8: vampires me no likey

Today at work I experienced something I haven't in years: I wanted to throw my computer out the window. Yes, Ben must be out of the country :)

Not sure how to bill that time... something that should have take 30 minutes to do took more like 4 hours. I really don't want to penalize the client for this computer's sluggishness and unpleasant eccentricities.

Ben called again today and he seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit. I'm sure he's itching to blog about his foreign experiences so for now I'll keep quiet about the things he told me.

Other than that I have to admit I've become curious about the stir the "Twilight" series has been causing so I rented the movie. Yeah... vampire stories still really aren't my thing. I didn't like Dracula (which I read in its entirety - boring!), I didn't like the movie "Interview with a vampire" (one of my sister's favorites, but I didn't even watch the whole thing because I got bored) and I didn't like the book "Sunshine" despite it being by one of my favorite authors (Robin McKinley). My favorite vampire so far is still the Count. You know, from Sesame Street? Ah well. There are plenty of things I do like out there.

For example, right now I'm reading "The sex lives of cannibals," which is just fantastic! It's the true story of a guy who lives on a pacific island atoll for two years - prime travel writing! And it comes with a title that makes you do a double take and say "Lisa - what are you reading??"

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  1. Okay, the book series is not the greatest, but the movie is just plain LAME!!!! Really, really lacking. The books sucked me in (I'm not really sure how, but they did); the movie left me thinking, "Shoot, I just lost 9 bucks."


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