Saturday, April 4

day 9: clear chocolate

Some of you may know that I'm a tea connaisseur of sorts. Today I was able to convince a newish friend to have high tea with me at Bona Dea Tea in the old downtown of Colorado Springs. I chose a chocolate rooibas tea which ended up being very pale, but extremely spicy and flavorful. Mmmm :) We had a fantastic time getting to know each other better without distractions like husbands playing Wii.

Ah, I've been enjoying things like only having one load of laundry to do this week and turning the blinds any which-way I please. Also, keeping books, computers and other odds and ends in the empty side of the bed has been convenient. And I've been praying more - that, and talking to myself. Such are the pleasures of living alone.

However, I'm quite seriously missing talking with Ben every day. He'll be back in Seattle tomorrow and thus might end up blogging. If not, I'll blog my "day 10" and then pick him up at the airport on Monday morning. Tonight I've been working on a surprise for him but since he might read this I won't say what it is.


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