Sunday, April 5

day 10: yikes, it's late

This morning I was accosted by a friendly missionary, Dawn - one of the OC folks Ben works with - who also attends our church. I followed her and sat with she and her husband during service. Getting to know people like them, who have been field missionaries and are now grandparents working in the OC office, is strange and wonderful. At first glance I feel young and uninteresting in comparison but then as we talk it's apparent that we're two humans with many things in common. This is the truth, but it's revealed by the graciousness of the others towards me.

Lots of unpacking was accomplished today, to my delight! I also cooked another fish dish. I followed this recipe almost to the letter. The only change I made was only adding half a serrano chile in fear of spiciness. The mango salsa took a long time for me since there's a fair amount of mincing required but it is absolutely scrumptious and worth the effort! The fish part is quick and easy but offsets the salsa well. Ben will probably notice the curry smell when he gets home though...

So I'm driving to the Denver airport to pick Ben up tomorrow. I've agreed to the extra haul (instead of driving to the Colorado Springs airport) to save Ben a two-hour layover followed by an extra flight on a small plane, which he strongly strongly dislikes. In return, he will buy me a latte :) And you will be returned to the original narrator of this blog.


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