Monday, April 6

Circle Bunnies

I made it back to Colorado Springs in one piece. Now I am really tired, email has been looked over (130+ to get through), and I am trying to stay awake with minimal brain power now.

There is a radio station here in Colorado Springs (I think it's syndicated, so other states have it as well) but there is a guy on in the evenings who has started something that Lisa and I had a fun time listening to. The DJ wrote a lullabye for his daughter and is having a bunch of different Christian Artists do their take on it. The song is called Circle Bunnies. (Click on the links on the side to listen to the songs... they are less than one minute thirty seconds in most cases) All sorts of big names are on there. Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Rice, and a lot more. It's fun listening.

When I have more brain power I will start detailing the France trip. I didn't bring a camera, so if you want pics you'll have to wait until someone else gets me some.



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