Thursday, June 4

Thoughts from a Basket - Part 2

Before Lisa and I got married her Aunt and Uncle (the ones we adopted Niko from) gave her a "Journal Jar". (which is actually a small basket) The idea is that the basket has 365 slips of paper in it with a question on each slip. Pull out a random slip of paper and write about whatever is on the slip. As some of you have noticed I have been working a lot and not writing as much as I would like. I am going to use these "Thoughts from a Basket" as a way to liven up the blog a bit.
I won't be doing it every day, so this could last me a couple of years. It'll be an ongoing series. Feel free to chime in on your own blog about the question. Leave a comment with a link if you do answer the question so others can follow along.

Today's Question: What is your favorite cartoon character, and why? (I almost feel like it should say, "In a complete sentence..." )

Answer: I don't think I have watched a "cartoon" per se in a long time. (Unless you count Anime, but I consider "Cartoon" more of a genre) I don't actually remember a lot of cartoon characters. (other than the typical Warner Brother's characters...) I remember enjoying Mighty Mouse and Underdog. I think both of them have the same kind of thing that Spiderman has going for him. He seems weak or small but he has this power and ability to do things that people don't expect. I think that is what attracted me to them.



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