Thursday, June 4

What is Web 2.0, where did 1.0 go, and is there a 3.0?

I gave a talk today at Lisa's company ("Lunch and Learn") about what Web 2.0 is and how to use the technology behind it.

While I could refine this more I thought I would be "transparent" and share with you all what I created.

If you can't see the embedded slide show you can see the presentation here.

I don't know how my audience took it but I personally felt like it was the best public speaking I have ever done. I didn't get nervous before hand and I felt like I knew my content forwards and backwards. I think I might of even had fun!



  1. That looks like a helpful presentation, with good advice about using 2.0.

    And yet... I miss the days of Geocities and finding what I wanted quickly on AltaVista...

  2. I like the last bullet on slide 28

  3. I know what your answer is going to be, but it's always polite to ask anyway, right? :) Can I steal most of this for a presentation of my own? Awesome, by the way.

  4. Glad you had a positive time w/ public speaking. It's a great skill to have!!


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