Sunday, June 7

Death Star Cake

Death Star Cake

Hey everyone! Look what Lisa and I spent our time in the past day and a half working on!
This is the "Legendary" cake I was talking about the other day.

This was our first attempt at cake carving, fondant making, fondant deploying and cake painting! More details are in the captions!



  1. Mathew9:24 AM

    Wow! That is totally amazing. I am in awe of all that work and the finished product is quite inspiring. I'm glad we got to see it! COOOOOOOOOL!

    Uh, I mean...


    Impressive. Most impressive.

  2. Shari G1:44 AM

    Love it!!

    I have my own legendary birthday cake task ahead of me. No painting, but definitely some seriously cool layering. You guys tho ... you take the cake.

    Also, had to flip back and forth on Lisa's picture. My first online flip book! :) Thank you for that!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    So, when can I expect it in the mail? ;)


  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    You have a wife that cooks! (And well) Just ask her nicely, I'm sure she'll be able to help out.


  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Other 'impressive' cake designs...



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