Tuesday, June 9

Thoughts from a Basket - Part 3

Once again it's time for "Thoughts from a Basket". Today's question: "What would you give yourself if you had all the money in the world? What would you give your family?"

This is a good question. If money was literally no object what one thing would I purchase? I think perhaps I am thinking overly practically tonight, but I would pay off our townhome I think. That would free up X amount of our monthly income. Lisa and I have also talked about it being cool in the future to open up a Bed and Breakfast(and dinner) in the old part of Colorado Springs in one of the old large Victorians. That might be nice to have paid off as well. Family wise I think I would pay off debts. House, loans, etc... gone.

Boy am I tired. I am going to go to bed I think. That ends this edition of thoughts from a basket!



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