Monday, July 27

More Plane Issues

Update from my weekend when I get home, but I had to share yet another "airplane" issue I ran into when coming home from San Diego to Denver yesterday morning. Our decent into Denver was pretty rough and happened pretty quickly (we got in 15 minutes earlier than we were scheduled to.) and as soon as the plane had pulled up to the gate the whole plane lost all power. They had to wait to be plugged in or something before they could open the doors.

I thank everyone for praying for my trip (and my health) as it appears God was watching over me. If we had been on our normal schedule we would have been 15 minutes out from Denver and miles up in the air when the plane lost power. I really dislike flying. But I appreciate what God does to watch out for me.


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  1. Scary, thankfully your pilot was a speed demon :)


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