Tuesday, July 21

What a beauty

Last night to go with the BBQ'd chicken and salad we decided to make up some biscuits as well. Typically this is no real work as we get out the Bisquick and get together some "drop" biscuits. In this case however we had no milk. So we used Coconut milk. (I can see the wheels turning in your head now: You didn't have milk but you had Coconut milk? Yes, yes we did.) We used coconut milk and being as that was a little thicker than normal milk we felt like we should add something. (At this point a person might say, "Hey, water thins things!" and they would be correct, but water doesn't add flavor.)

We happened to have a bit of ginger and garlic scape butter left over from a previous cooking project, so we melted it down and tossed it in. (It was made with fresh ginger by the by.) We then proceeded to make biscuits from it, not really knowing how they would turn out, but figuring you couldn't go too wrong with butter.

Well, when they came out we covered them in whipped honey and tasted them. I was plesantly surprised at their texture. The outside had that buttery topping and the inside was nice and fluffy. The coconut milk must have added a certain sweetness to it and the ginger was perfect. Added the honey on top and I seriously thought I was eating a breakfast pastry. It reminded me of a cinnamon roll, only no cinnamon.

This post brought to you as a way to encourage you to toss ingredients into things to see what'll happen.



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