Friday, August 7

I go out walking...

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This morning I was up and ready to go to work around 7:10am and Lisa had just gotten out of bed a little bit before that. Being as we only have one car I couldn't drive myself to work so I decided that I would walk. You can see in the posted picture the rough path I took. (I cut out the getting from where we live to the main street in order to avoid putting my address on the blog)

It was a pretty basic walk, it's not flat or anything, up hills, down hills, avoid sprinklers, get barked at by a bunch of dogs, passed 2 people jogging (they look like they are in pain... why do that to yourself?), and ended up a little wetter (not avoiding sprinklers) than I left, but it only took about 50 minutes to go the 2.1 miles or so.

Heading home seemed more difficult, probably because I've already worked a full day at that point. This route would be a piece of cake on a bike.



  1. Maybe you should get a bike!

    It looks as though you could possibly take a more direct route. However, I realize there may be things like building, etc that you just can't walk through. "Oh, hi, excuse me as I just pass through your office..."

    I'd be wonderful exercise for you to walk 4 miles a day!

  2. A bike is a great idea, really. It would take you like 15 minutes on a bike, and that's with hills.


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