Sunday, August 9


On Saturday Lisa did all sorts of interesting things, like going and seeing a bunch of new houses and going to a baby shower. I staid at home (one car situation can be haunting sometimes) and did a bit of writing and chores.

When she got back we decided to go see "500 Days of Summer" at the local indy theater in town. It was an interesting movie. Funny, touching, and maybe the most realistic "love story" I have seen. I'd recommend it. I think I would recommend "The Brother's Bloom" over "500 Days of Summer", but both of them are of high quality.

I was reading up on how to make Rootbeer yesterday. The funny thing is when you Google "how to make rootbeer" you get all this stuff about using an extract and carbonating it. Not what I meant. I meant, how do you MAKE root beer, from scratch. You know, what rootd do you use, etc.

I found a guy who had a nice run-down of the how to process. Looks to be a weekend project and could be a lot of fun. I'll just need to get the proper tools.



  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Maybe search on the word combination "How to brew rootbeer"? Don't know, it might help.


  2. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I found it under "home made root beer extract"

    The more you know...



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