Wednesday, September 9

The end of waiting

Well, the waiting ended today, 9.9.09 at 9pm. My old cancer is back. My abdomen is free of the cancer, but the area between my lungs, in the lymph nodes seems to be under attack now. (Not in my lungs, or attached to my lungs, just between them)

We don't have a plan right now other than we'll be heading to Houston sometime soon to get a consultation at M.D. Anderson. (Med school there) They will work out a treatment plan and maybe run some tests and then we'll come back here and get started.

This is quite literally some of the worst news I could have anticipated, there is only one thing that could make it worse, and I'm getting an MRI in the next few days to confirm that or not.

The outpouring of support for Lisa and I have been wonderful. Thank you all for your prayers, please keep them coming, I need them very much. I'll continue to update this blog as I get information/ thoughts/ etc.



  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Hi Ben,
    We just heard about your new battle with Cancer. I am so sorry to hear that it is back. I wish I had some warm and happy words that I could share but I dont. However, God is still in control!
    Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help. We are happy to try and provide what IT support we can from Outreach Canada if needed while you get things sorted out there.
    You are in my prayers brother.

    Craig Kraft

  2. Darn it, I'm so sorry you have to go through this again. Sounds like they caught it early, though, so I'll be hoping and praying for an easier treatment plan.

  3. We feel the weight of your grief. It leads us to prayer, so we're with you in this.


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