Tuesday, September 8

Waiting, Day 5

I woke up this morning already worried about tomorrow. Being as I hadn't actually been awake yet and I woke up worried I assumed it was the dreams I can't remember that fueled this mornings panic session.

Then I headed over to BibleGateway.com and their verse of the day was from Psalm 143 and I was curious about the context so I pulled up the whole chapter and read it. I think Psalm 143 is the verse for me in this waiting period. I would pull out certain verses to highlight, but as I look at it I just want to paste the whole thing here. So hit up the link for me, read Psalm 143, and if you could say a prayer for my health, my state of mind, and tomorrow I would appreciate it.



  1. Amen. That is such a good Psalm. Praying fervently for you, Lisa, the appointment, and wisdom of the doctors.

  2. Debbie Howell11:26 AM

    Each week I choose one psalm to read throughout that whole week. Last week my psalm was 143. After getting your news I thought of sending that psalm to you, but thought that might seem presumptuous, but I did pray for you through that psalm. Isn't God awesome?

  3. Ben,
    Ralph wrote us your OC collegues and I will gladly be praying as you asked. The Psalms have been for me a great help to express my heart and hear the Lord's heart. I'll keep u with devlopments on your blogsite and be praying. The verse in the Psalm that stood out is "for your names' sake O Lord preserve my life" and the cross ref. Ps. 119:25.
    Jeff nelson


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