Monday, September 7

Waiting, Day 4

Yesterday evening Lisa and I went to a new friend's house and hung out with some church friends and her room-mates. (Who are semi-new to the area as well) We had a good time and I barely had to think about the issues on Wednesday at all.

I was thinking about it this morning. I have been looking forward to 9.9.09 for a long time now. (Wednesday) There is a movie I have been waiting to see for... well a long time, coming out that day and I find it slightly funny/ strange that this information I am waiting for is going to come to me at 9am on 9.9.09. I don't believe in numerology or anything like that but I do think it is strange.

I wanted to thank everyone for the support these past few days. Phone calls, visits, emails, FB messages, etc. It's been encouraging. Possibly one of the most encouraging phone calls I have gotten this weekend was from my Grandmother. (my Dad's mom) Her phone call last night really lifted my spirits and really encouraged me to keep fighting and to not give up, and that God isn't done with me!

Not really sure what today holds honestly. We were invited to a breakfast this morning, but we were up until almost 1 this morning. Maybe I feel like going back to bed, now that I've written some emails and a blog entry.

Please continue to pray for me as I wait out the results.


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  1. I'm glad I read this before calling you! I was thinking, "Oh, it's almost 9 there (it was at that time)--they're probably up." Or not!

    I was just reading a little magazine from Voice of the Martyrs. I was struck by something said by a man intensely persecuted for his faith. In regard to his past imprisonments and torture, he said, "I learned that it is not what I want in a situation, but what He wants, because that is so much better." It's a hard saying, but I am praying this is your attitude also. All of us who believe in Jesus will one day close our eyes only to open them and find we're in His arms. Wherever He leads you, make it your aim to be pleasing to Him--to fulfil all that He has appointed for you while on this earth.

    He loves you intensely.



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