Thursday, October 15

Chemo Education

The "chemo education" that the oncology department makes chemo patients go through here in COS would have been pretty helpful the first time I went through chemo. Little details of things I could expect or what to do if I encountered them. Things I felt like I had to feel out the first time around, seemed to be part of the "we'll look out for you" experience this time around.

Chemo starts on Monday. 11am at the infusion center. I'll need to fill up my list of things to do. Rumor has it the hospital has wifi so maybe I can get some work done while I am being drugged.

Speaking of drugged, those of you that know me will know that I have never been that great at, or interested in, swallowing pills. So when I was handed a bottle of 350mg pain killers for when the pain from my surgery on Tuesday got to be too much. Well that happened this morning and without thinking about it too much I downed one of the big pain killers and was in "no pain land" 30 minutes later. Which is a good thing that I was able to tackle such a large pill because some of the chemo I have to take is oral and is a long brown capsule. Of course the biggest problem with all this is that I can't "trial run" any of these pills because they are several hundred dollars each. If I mess one up I have effectively thrown away the same value as that of a new XBox 360. (And I'll be swallowing that for 5 days...)

It's strange what becomes "norm" in situations like this.

I don't know what the deal is either, but the past couple days I have been really hungry. Anyway, while I mention food I thought I would continue to keep Lisa's care calendar up for those interested in helping. (Calendar ID: 23614. Security code: morrellbud)

This will be my last weekend of chemo free living for a while. We'll see what happens.


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  1. "EAT!" says your mother. Did the chemo educator say anything about dealing w/ weight loss. You really can't afford to drop 40+ pounds this time around...


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