Wednesday, October 14

I don't remember

I don't recall the groshong being so painful last time. But then again I think I was on chemo and getting other drugs pumped into my body shortly after I got it installed. They gave me some heavy pain meds (percaset) to take the edge off, but the pills are huge and I don't do so well with swallowing small things. That and while my left side is sore, I don't know if it's narcotic level of pain. Tylenol takes a bit of the edge off for a while, and otherwise I try to make do with it as is. But it's still sore.

Tomorrow I have "chemo education" bright and early. Not sure what that entails, but I am assuming I'll get my schedule for infusion at that point. The stuff I am getting on a daily basis for 2 hours is really supposed to mess with your insides through. So I'll have to be careful regulating what types of food I can and can't have. I guess I'll learn more about that tomorrow as well.

It's strange, yesterday as I was going into surgery (as Lisa mentioned this is like my 6th surgery n 3 years) I wasn't at all nervous. I think at this point the "unexpected" has become the "known" or if not that the "I don't care because I will be fast asleep".

Thaks everyone who was praying for me. The doctors seemed to do a really good job, now I just need to get past the post-surgery pain.

If you didn't notice Lisa put up a calendar for local people to sign up to help us with things like meals and cleaning. For those of you out of town who might want to help with meals we are looking into a way to make that happen.

Thanks again for the continued support. Together lets petition God to rescue me and deliver me safely to the other side.



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