Wednesday, November 18

Yesterday soooo long

Here'a what went on yesterday my praying and supportive friends and family:

5:21am - Woke up with a chest pain under my groshong that was easily a level 8 on the pain scale. Worried I might have coughed something out of place I waited until
8:30am where I told the nurse what had happened and suggested we do a chest xray to make sure nothing was damaged.
10:00am the chest xray rolls around with results at 10:30. Someone notices where is a mass in my chest. Everything screams to a stop and a CT scan is ordered.
1:30pm CT scan happens, and then we wait for results.
4:45pm rolls around and they tell me it looks just like my other tumors, and it appears my family of 5 tumors has become a family of 6.

Good news, the groshong is fine and in-tact so they can continue to use that. They also decided to continue chemo at that point and moved me to another room where I spent a couple hours. Lisa and I got home about about 7:45pm, where I think I promptly crawled into bed.

Anyone wanna take bets on how much time I'll be there today? Maybe only 6 hours?

Thank you for your comtinued prayers. Fire gets hotter, but God is still in control.



  1. We actually left the hospital at 8:30 and got home a little before 9pm, giving Ben a nice 12 hours at the hospital.

    Note on the previous entry: Ben spent a couple hours in an inpatient room last night finishing up the chemo. By far the nicest hospital rooms we've seen! And there were 4 comfy folding chairs in the closet! (for those of you remember visiting Ben the last time around and couldn't find a place to sit)

  2. Aubrey10:54 AM

    Wow, Ben. So many prayers are coming your way. Please keep us updated with how you're doing!!

  3. I am praying right now for those buggers to stop growing! STOP!!!!!!!!

    Keep on hangin' in there!!!


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