Wednesday, December 23

Merry Christmas to All!

(Above) Celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary at Briarhurst Manor

At the end of our first year in Colorado Springs, we look back on many happy and sad times alike. A new job, a new house and many new friends awaited us. Even though we were generally immersed in our new life in Colorado we visited Washington twice (once for my sister's wedding!) and a small part of Washington visited us (in our happy guest room).

I got involved with the Ronald McDonald house here, biked around town and attended a weekly "girl's night" at a friend's house. Ben had a chance to visit France as a chaperon with a friend's school trip and San Diego for the Comic Convention with another friend. Together, we went camping on the other side of Pikes Peak and in Rocky Mountain state park, and joined a young adults group at church.

In September, as many of you know, Ben was diagnosed with DSRCT for the second time. In Houston we consulted with a specialist who studies this cancer and then Ben began chemotherapy. We are thankful that we have had time to build a new community in Colorado so that we are not alone during this difficult time. God again has provided for us in every way. For Christmas Ben's parents and sisters are visiting - it's so much more Christmasy with family!


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