Thursday, February 25

Battle in the body

Chemo is bad enough for the body without adding heavy doses of antibiotics and tearing little lines out of my body. I'm not quite sure what it is about extended stays in the hospital either. They really do a number on me emotionally. I know I could really do without them.

This week will complete 4 weeks without chemo. Seeing the doctor tomorrow and most likely starting up chemo again on Monday. I feel like I've just been out of chemo for a week or so though energy wise. We'll see how the weekend goes. Should be getting a new groshong installed on Monday morning as well. Gotta get that chemo in me somehow.

Lisa has been super great as I have been an emotional wreck. I think perhaps she is handling everything better than I would if our roles were reversed. I am glad she is handling it though. I would have a hard time doing any of this without her.

You can continue to pray for my strength, doctor's wisdom, and the effectiveness of the drugs they are giving me. Oh, also, Lisa and I came up with an idea while I was in the hospital last time, and that was for me to have a "project" something semi-long term that I can work on that can keep me/ my mind occupied. I would also ask for prayer for finding out what that is.

Thanks for your continued support.


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  1. WEll, I've gotta say that I have sure enjoyed digital scrapbooking. I am not sure if you have a mac or a pc laptop, but the software isn't out yet for a mac from creative memories.

    If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the 80 some pages that I have posted on my pix on Fb. I only have Nov. and Dec. left of 2009 to "scrapbook", then I can send in all of my layouts to creative memories, and they'll bind it in a 12 x 12 coffee table book.

    My favorite quote of the day is: "Don't let your kids turn into jpgs." -- you get the idea....

    Ok that's my two cents!

    Yesterday Children's Hospital was having some sort of cancer awareness day on the raido and they were raising money and cancer patients were calling in with their stories. It was quite touching. I teared up as I thought of you and Lisa going through this and my friend Wendy who is battling Breast Cancer. I just began to pray, and prayed for you guys the rest of the day.

    GO TEAM!


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