Friday, February 26

Sleep? ha

Last night I tried for more than a few hours in more than a handful of different ways to get to sleep. Finally fell asleep at about 3am halfway through "Walk Don't Run", which was the last Cary Grant film. Can't give you a movie review as I slept through half of it. Seemed like situational humor though.

Groshong installed "first thing" Monday morning. Which means 6:30am. Generally "first thing" means 8 or 9. I guess they reserve a time for when the doctor's say "first thing" they mean it. Then chemo right after that.

Please continue to pray for chemo, as well as the "minor" surgery on Monday.


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  1. Hi Ben,

    I wanted you to know that David checks you blog everyday. We are pulling for you. The kids and I prayed for you today. Oh! - - that the Lord would give you the grace to deal with the pain and monotony of life. That He would give you a joy and a peace that can only come from Him.
    I like the humor in your blog. You make me chuckle.

    Have you read "You Gotta Keep Dancin'"? It is must for anyone dealing with lots of pain. It has really helped me in my pain journey. Let me know if you have not read it, because we would like to send it to you. Course, I will need an address. I think you and Lisa are in Texas now?
    So this is what I have so far:
    Ben and Lisa Morrel
    Texas.... it is a start, but somehow I think it might be hard to deliver.....well, need to start the day.
    Your family in Jesus,
    Sonja for the Daums


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