Monday, March 1

Surgery over flying

A quick update about today: Ben got in to the hospital early for his outpatient surgery. I was pretty impressed with how relaxed he was about having surgery - he said he'd rather do that than get on an airplane :)

Instead of a groshong, his oncologist decided to put in a port. These seem to be the more common semi-permanent way for people to be ready to receive chemo. The word is that they are more sanitary (since they stay under the skin) and Ben can shower with it - but the nurses do have to go through the skin to give him chemo. I haven't gotten a good look at it yet, but they tell me the surgery went well.

In the late morning Ben went straight to the infusion center for chemo. His infection must be gone because we haven't heard anything about it despite blood tests (yay!). Now Ben is tired and in some pain. With a foreign object lodged in his chest, that's not too surprising. I'm hoping he can recover well from this minor surgery while receiving chemo this week.


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