Wednesday, February 17


I was just singing some Rich Mullins songs to myself (no rocking back and fourth though) when I was singing "Hold me Jesus" there is a line that made me pause and think: "sometimes this life just don't make sense at all / when the mountains look so big, and my faith just seems so small."

I got to thinking about what big mountains look like. I stare up at Pike's Peak almost every day. That mountain looks like one you can't climb. Then I remembered something I tell a lot of people: Zebulon Pike, one of the old founders of COS looked at the mountain and said, "I don't think it'll ever be climbed." To which I laughingly add, "and now there is a gift shop at the top!" (And at least 3 different ways to get to the top: train, car or hike)

So this got me thinking about the mountain in front of me. Like living in COS the mountain looks big, but we are also already at 6500 feet. Like me I've already been up part of this mountain range before. This trek before me looks impossible... but who knows, someday there might be a gift shop at the top, or at least a flag, to mark that and tell the story of how I got to the top of my mountain.

We go in hopeful and victorious. Thanks team for the backup.


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  1. vs. 6 - "Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed; He will answer him from His Holy heaven with the mighty deeds of victory of His right hand."

    Again, the Lord brings your name and His word together. Your name is "son of the right hand." I've said it before, but I'm amazed at how the Lord continually uses this term in His word and in your life. I believe God's Right Hand is Jesus Himself and you are son of the right hand. Son of the Living God. Not pet. Not toy. Not puppet. Son.

    "May He grant you your heart's desire and fulfill all your purpose."

    Emmanuel--God is with us.



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