Wednesday, March 24

A silver lining

As much as I would rather be doing almost ANYTHING other than going through chemo and having to deal with it I can sometimes see the silver lining to it, or something that probably would not have happened had I been around and doing my job. I would say at OC the almost a year I spent there was as a dreamer of where the IT could go, and then setting up a plan and trying to get it rolling. I was a catalyst to help people see clearly where they were at with technology, and where they could go with current technology to make information accessible to EVERYONE on the field. The USMC would no longer be the gatekeepers of all the information.

Anyway, on thing I have seen from my being gone and not being there to spearhead and or lead the whole project(s) myself has been a lot bigger buy-in from various departments and people. Instead of me holding the reins to some technology changes, it has become a bigger project that has gone much further than I could have planned it to go. It's kind of exciting in some ways, it still very much makes me want to be there, and helping and tossing in my two bits, but God has me on the outside right now. I want to be back in some kind of IT roll again someday, and really hope the passion, as well as the skills, that God has given me isn't to end up short lived. But that is His choice, and frankly there are probably 50% of my days these days, if not more, where I find myself wondering if Heaven needs an IT guy. Or maybe an explorer, or a writer. This isn't easy, and it's not getting easier.


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  1. love you, Ben. Thank you for writing. :)


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