Tuesday, March 23


As I was getting my final, and most dangerous chemo of the day yesterday a new part, a part that is supposed to keep everyone safer, poped off from the backpressure and suddenly the tube was swinging freely back and fourth as the pump cranked out chemo. Only it wasn't going into me, it was going on the floor, on the chair, on the pump. My nurse rapidly shut it down but still the cleanup was CRAZY.

She put on a special hat, goggles, two pairs of gloves, an extra gown, and booties for her shoes. My blanket was wrapped wrapped in a biohazard bag and I had to take it home and wash it twice. Anyway, she got all dressed up in this gear to protect her and here I was sitting there without any protection. I was like, "great, and THIS is what you are pumping into my insides? DOn't I get any protection?" Her response, "Well, you already have cancer." "Great... thanks Anne, thanks."

My first chemo spill, and humorously enough it came from a safety device. I'm glad my nurses have a sense of humor. It would make this all a lot more difficult.

Temodar, my chemo, update. The bottles that hold the drug were recalled due to faulty... issues? So it seems like everyone turned theirs in. And so no one has it. At this point I don't know when it will be resupplied either. I have been asked to try and take the pill. I am going to need some serious strength, willpower, and fortitude to make this happen. I'm supposed to do it before bed on an empty stomach. I will of course take every anti-nausea pill I have. I will also pray that the Temodar will show up sooner rather than later so I don't have to do this.

I slept a GOOD part of the day today. I am generally not this sleepy until the end of the week or next week. Fatigue has hit me hard and fast this time around. Was only down .7lbs today though! If I can keep this up I might not hit 130lbs by the end of the week! That would be an accomplishment.

So far 7 isn't my favorite number. It's snowing massively hard outside. The sky is an orange/ pink color. The ground went from wet to covered in snow in about 20 minutes. And to think that yesterday it make it to 66. Thanks everyone for the continued support. Thanks to everyone for the food and the rides these past few days and the days to come.



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