Sunday, April 4


Last night Lisa and I were talking about how long people have been married and saying that statistically (minus side things, like you know, cancer at 25) both of my grandfathers lived a pretty long time and my grandmothers are still alive, so I could have another 60 years of life in me. (Of course when it comes to numbers we really shouldn't focus on those AT ALL because there are some OTHER numbers that are the opposite of what I just said.) The interesting part about all this is that statistics and numbers might be "nice" as a guideline, they mean absolutely nothing when God is in control.

I talked to both of my grandmother's this weekend (83 and 90 respectively) and while I have learned a "lot" in my short 30ish years on earth (most of that coming in the last 5 I think) I would say that I still have a lot I can learn from them. It pretty much never fails when I talk to them my faith is encouraged, my hope is given a re-inflating, and living another 60 years seems completely possible.

So this Easter weekend I got a lot of much needed hope, from places I sometimes forget to look. Thank you.

Now I am off to rest, the three hour brunch (while tasty and lots of fun) I think wore me out.



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