Monday, October 11

Planning my days

Tonight is my last antibiotic infusion, so I am hoping that sleep will return tomorrow night. Last night I was hit with a ground shaking, can't tell where your arms are, migraine that had me clutching my head far into today. I'm willing to bet it's stress.

Lisa leaves in less than a week for Colorado to get stuff in order. I have a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday that I am REALLY not looking forward to, and lots and lots of other "moving to another state" type things you have to keep in line when, well, moving states.

Our Friends, and my fellow co-workers, swung by tonight and made us some traditional Brazilian dish. It was great, and it made me wish I could east more than a fist full of food without feeling ill.

I wanted to keep you all up to date, and ask primarily that you would pray for Wednesday's biopsy. I am REALLY not looking forward to it, at all.



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