Thursday, October 14


Thanks to a lot of people out there right now!
First off thank many of you for your prayers as I have encountered things I wasn't too happy to encounter, and prayers for things I encounter often that I still didn't want to encounter.
Secondly I want to thank everyone who is helping to make our temporary move to Texas (seriously, does it EVER get cold here!? It seems like it just went from "hot" to "nice") a little less temporary. Subsection of the second thanks is a thanks to all the people who are excitedly picking over the stuff we must leave behind, you are hopefully making my life sooooo much less stressful. (Goodbye sweet BBQ/ Smoker, you will be missed.)
And a Third thanks to everyone who is helping us try to find some kind of life here in Houston.

Some details: Wednesday I wasn't feeling very good about the bone marrow biopsy, but I was under the impression they were going to give me a few shots and I wouldn't remember anything. I get in there and she's like, "No we just numb up the area and go in with a big needle!" (Not her exact words, but that was the jist after 5 minutes of talking) I was slightly surprised at this, semi not too surprised because doctor's have lied to me before about what was going to happen in an operating room that, well, didn't. ("Oh no, we'll knock you out and you'll wake up with a shiny new _____________!" In this case it was groshong, but it's more fun to insert "robot leg". Come surgery time: "So when are you going to knock me out?" "What!? We can't do that! You'll be fine, suck it up buttercup, my six year old does these on her Barbie's on the weekends, you're cool." )

The PA performing the procedure said there were several levels, the one where they give you some relaxing pills and something else and you stay awake, and are just mellow through the whole thing, and the third level where they knock you out completely. I finally decided that since I was already there that I would go for it. Two doctors before had said, oh, you're so skinny it won't be a problem, there won't be anything to have to dig through to get to the bone. Ok, fine, I can handle small little shots of numbing medication. So they start numbing me up little sting, little burn, little sting, little burn, bump. That felt weird. "Did you hit the bone?"
"We're near the bone, just a bit further."
A sensation, much, much like running your elbow's "funny bone" into a wall, shot up and down my leg combined a very strange real pain. My eyes must have bulged and I gasped, at which point the person doing the procedure said, "I think perhaps we might have hit a nerve."
They pulled out and my leg had the funny-bone post feeling for a few minutes, they decided to reschedule for another time with the added benefit of drugs. The funny-bone feeling in my leg went away but the added benefit has been pain, like I had been stabbed with a needle, in my upper right hip.

While I am complaining about needles as well the other night when the nurse put in my port it was probably the 3rd most painful time that has gone in. Perhaps needless to say I am very happy to see the end of needles, even for half the day today. (Spent 4 hours at the doctor's to tell me my blood was ok and I didn't need an ultrasound of my liver.)

Sorry if this sounds like complaining, I'm trying to make it somehow funny. Honestly a lot of this stuff ends up being fairly painful on some degree or another, and I try not to complain, it's just sometimes, like Wednesday, everything kind of lines up to be a "bad needle day" or I end up with a mostly funny story about why sitting in a chair hurts right now. So please, take it as funny. Laugh because it's not you, or laugh because you've been there. That's all I ask.

I miss being able to see a lot of you. The more I am tied here to Houston the more I can start to feel the pull of other places. Lisa heads back to COS on Monday. She will be missed, Colorado will be missed, Seattle IS being missed. Thanks everyone for the support.


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  1. Ben, I can't imagine the pain you must go through. I really look forward to following your blog to see how you're doing, and I admire your attitude, honesty and humor through it all. We look forward to seeing Lisa next week, and wish you were coming too. Keep on Keeping on.

    Mary G


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