Monday, October 18

Holding me back

I really do not understand my body sometimes. Case in point on Saturday evening I was feeling pretty tired so I went to bed early. Three hours later I woke up to what I deemed a "mega-migraine". The type where my head hurts so badly for so long I feel really sick and the residue can linger for a few days.

It's not the pain, the confined to a bed, or lying around not doing anything that ultimately bothers me, but it's the loss of time with people that frustrates me the most. Yesterday we had planned to get to church and our Sunday school class. At this point I think Lisa has probably been twice as many times as I have been since we got here, so I like to take every chance we can get to go and actually prove that Lisa isn't single. Plus it increases my chances of making friends as well. However on a weekend where I was feeling pretty good I get this migraine. Keeps me away from church, and the lunch that Lisa made and invited our neighbor's over.

When it's just me, it's obnoxious to get a migraine, but when I actually miss out on things that I regularly miss out on because of other health things, it gets frustrating.

Lisa made it onto the Super Shuttle (like 20 minutes late) and I am hoping she catches her plane to Denver in time. She'll be in Colorado Springs for the next few weeks putting our house in order and having a garage sale, then putting the house up for sale. Please keep her in your prayers as it's sure to be stressful.



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