Thursday, January 13

Fork in the Road

Hey Team,
It's time to get the cat out of the bag! The Christmas project that Lisa and I have been spending HOURS working on is... a cookbook! Our friends and family in Seattle received theirs this week, but those of you that would get Christmas presents from us normally will have to wait a few days as yours will show up in the mail.

You know what else is cool? If you don't get one in the mail from us you can order one yourself! 55 pages of the favorite recipes of Lisa and myself. Available in both digital and physical form. (We kept the price as low as possible)

Fork in the Road - the physical copy can be gotten there, and Fork in the Road (digital) can be downloaded there.

While we would love to be able to get all of you a copy and sign it that just wasn't feasible... so we kept the cost as low as possible in hopes that if you want one you can easily afford one. You won't be able to find the book on the website as I have it setup to only be found through those links, so consider this a special gift to our friends and readers.



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