Tuesday, January 18

The trip following bad news

Here we are, back in Houston after a week and a half in Seattle. Which came right on the heals of being kicked out of the medical study and is right before we meet with my oncologist tomorrow.

The week in Seattle really wore me out. At the end of it I much would have preferred to stay longer, but that wasn't part of it. I guess overall I am still trying to figure out if the trip was good for me or not. There are aspects of the trip that makes me say it was worth it and there are other times where it seems harder to me now that I have gone and come back. It was easy-enough to just do the job I needed to do here, but now I feel like I am more painfully aware of the distance between here are Seattle, and the vastly different size of support group down south here.

We'll get a better idea tomorrow of what the doctor is thinking when it comes to me and chemo. Maybe I'll have more to say then.



  1. Well...you know where I'd like you to be...

  2. Welcome back to H-town...


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