Wednesday, January 19

Seattle (or Bellevue)

Nothing especially exciting happened (Ben didn't take up skiing) but we did get a lot of quality time with friends and family. Ben spent about a third of the trip with a headache, which was sad (but not surprising). He didn't want to miss out, so he still tried to participate a fair amount.

Some of the week's themes for me:

Walks. On the beach with my mom, the Arboretum with my sister, the Bridle Trails' woods by myself and the Point Defiance Zoo with the Morrell family. Ben was even able to participate in the last one via wheelchair rental. Oh, and caregivers get into that zoo free. Whee!

Teriyaki! Which we can't seem to find in Houston. I even bought some in the airport to eat on the plane flying back here.

Kids. Definitely a larger percentage of friends have them in Houston, but I had some special time with kids in Seattle. The Price girls have gone from toddlers who stole keys out of my purse and I taught to say "Cow-yummy! Monkey-scary!" to 4 and 5 year old dancing chatterboxes. Plus there are two more Price babies, and an adorable Soto baby.

New houses. Some people have become homeowners since we've last visited and we got to experience the Skone and Ferguson residences. Of course, I'm interested in the sorts of houses folks chose from a professional standpoint, and interested in their decorating more personally. Both were good fits.
Adam and Sheli moved at least once (if not more) while we've been gone, but the newest rental is fun little old house in a somewhat walkable community - also a really good fit. Some other friends moved to West Seattle, but we had to cancel our dinner with them.
Even the Downtown Church plant was a new house of sorts. We'd never visited this plant of our main church in Bellevue before, and we were surprised that we knew so many people there!

A little drama. Much time was spent with my sister Cheryl, who was a great encouragement emotionally and physically, in that she helped me with my errands, cut my hair, gave me a manicure and has become a good listener and a good dreamer. I'm so proud of how her goals and the focus of her energy have been refined. The drama was hearing about decisions involving a certain young man. Now on Facebook they are "in a relationship"! I definitely got to peek behind the curtain in that one :)

Pancakes. Cooked at Whidbey, random leftovers at my parent's, ordered in Burien and Bellevue. I love girlfriend breakfasts, and I even had five kinds of pancake during one - buckwheat wins! When I visited Kate I brought her some batter in a bag.

Peaceful driving. So much better in Seattle. Raeleen and I did meet a very rude Red Cross worker, but in the cars things were all good.

I could go on... but I won't. It was good. We tired ourselves out from the travel, but it was well worth it.


  1. I wish I could have met up with you guys while you were here! This was totally my fault. I completely spaced on Friday meet-up and feel really sad about it. But, I'm glad you were able to do so much and meet up with so many people. Happy resting up!

  2. I was so sad not to see you, Sarah! We did have Krista text you, but no dice.

    Oh, and another theme: Killer Bunnies. Excellent game, a birthday gift from Ryan to Ben which we got to play several times.


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